About the Film

Synopsis:  Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?

“Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?”, is a Hindi feature film produced by Reeling Media Services. Initially, they decided to release the Film in Cinemas on 1st January 2019 but because of a lot of films releasing on the same date, they decided to release it on 1st February 2019. It’s a story of a really innocent guy from Allahabad. In addition, “Umakant Pandey” the title character doesn’t have any friends or colleagues to spend time with. He becomes doubtful about his sexuality somehow! Therefore, He does many things suggested by his so-called well-wishers without thinking about anything and keeps getting stuck in more and more problems. In conclusion, his Dad comes In his support and He manages to sort his problems and things get into place.

This Feature film throws a strong message onto our Indian Society. Above all, why should We be open and talk about Sex in our families? The story has been told with an extremely hilarious way but with full control of not crossing the limit of vulgarity.